What I hate most on Android 5

It happened recently that my Nexus 4 was upgraded to Android 5. There are few things which are worse and no improvements which make this version better.

Let`s begin with opening the phone. I use gesture (as it is faster than PIN) and in previous version I woke up the phone with start button, made the gesture and I was in. Now it is not so direct! First, you have to turn the phone with start button, then slide from bottom side to unlock the screen and then you can make the gesture to unlock the phone. It is one action more and I hate it. Moreover, previously the dots for gesture appeared immediately, now they pop-in in animated way, which is, of course, slower.

I made some research why they added this “unlock before the gesture unlock” and it is related to new feature – notifications. You can choose three ways how your phone displays new events – with full content, with hidden private content and no display at all. First option is lie, because even with the full content you are not able to read the whole content of incoming SMS. Second option does not make any sense for me so I stayed with third option (which would not require the “unlock before gesture unlock” feature, but unfortunately you can`t turn this off!).

What are the other annoyances? Previously I slided from top of the screen to get to the notifications and settings of the phone. Now you have to slide twice – to display notification (first slide) and to get to the settings (second slide). Why, why, why?

Now when I am in the settings, I previously tapped on the wi-fi icon to get to the settings of the wi-fi connection and to see other networks available. Now I tap and it turns the wi-fi off! And it is not so easy to get to the wi-fi settings. Again I wanted to cry.

And the worst change now – receiving the calls. I was sitting on the meeting when somebody called me and I wanted to reject the call quickly under the table. But on the screen is not visible in which direction you should slide to reject (or accept) the call! You have to tap on the icon and then it appears! Again: why? The only good thing is that they did not change it from left to right so for those of you who remember it, you can be as quick as with Android 4. Not my case. And last point to this – the dialog for receiving the phone is completely different when the phone is locked and when you are logged in and working with any app. Very sad.

So these are the things which make me regret that I was curious and I did not stick to Android 4 as long as possible.